Short-Term Psychotherapy

Short-Term Psychotherapy

Individual and Couples Therapy

SCS offers both short-term individual and short-term couples psychotherapy. If it is decided at your or your couple's intake appointment that the you or your couple will pursue therapy at SCS, the therapist will schedule a therapy appointment with an SCS staff member for you.

Couples desiring joint therapy must attend an intake appointment together. Couples can be married, partners, dating, same-sex, or heterosexual, but at least one member of the couple must be a University student who has paid the Student Life Fee.

What to Short-Term Therapy

If the intake assessment indicates that short term therapy at SCS is appropriate, you will met with a therapist for a limited number of sessions.  The number will be a decision made between you and the therapist, keeping within the short-term model.

Many facets of therapy are considered when working in a short term setting such as: staying focused on the immediate goals of therapy, learning new ways to problem solve, improving coping skills and becoming more aware of situations that adversely affect you and how to manage those situations differently.

Therapy sessions will also focus on your individual strengths and how to optimize self-confidence.

It is helpful for you to be actively involved in therapy sessions.  The relationship between you and therapist is ideally one of trust and comfort in openly talking about the your experiences; both positive and negative.  This is especially important at times when therapy sessions stir up painful memories or sad feelings. It is important for the therapist to have feedback about your therapy experience.

Remember to be patient with yourself, change can take time and can be uncomfortable as you work toward developing new ways of working through problems and strengthening your resilience.