If, during the office hours of 8:30am-5:00pm, you feel that you need to talk to someone urgently and cannot wait for your scheduled appointment time, or that you are in an emergency situation, you should call the front desk, x2-9800 ((773) 702-9800), or walk into Student Counseling at 5555 S. Woodlawn. At all times we have a staff member on-call to deal with this situation, and, if needed, a consulting psychiatrist.

During non-office hours we also have an on-call system. If you are having a crisis or feel that you need to talk to someone during a time when the clinic is closed, you should call x2-3625 ((773) 702-3625) and ask to speak to the SCS staff member on-call.

Phone numbers of other University after hours resources.

Student Counseling Service always has a staff therapist on call available by phone (24/7) or in person (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm) to speak with a student about emergency concerns.

What to expect… during the day if you call and ask to speak to the SCS therapist on call

You will be connected with the SCS Staff therapist on call, or he/she will call back as quickly as possible.

The therapist will ask about the concern and will suggest the most appropriate services. You may be encouraged to walk-in to the clinic and meet with a therapist on call. Alternatively, you may be given a scheduled intake appointment. Intake appointments are typically available with 1 – 3 days.

What to expect…during the day if you walk into the clinic

You are always offered the next available scheduled intake appointment.

If you declare you are experiencing a psychological emergency, then you will complete paperwork and meet with the SCS therapist on call as quickly as possible.

When you meet with the therapist on call, the therapist will take time (typically 15 – 45 minutes) to clarify and address your presenting emergency concerns. Outcomes may include assignment to an SCS clinical staff member, referral out to a private therapist or clinic, or scheduling of a more extended intake evaluation as soon as possible (typically 1 – 3 days).

What to expect… if you call the after-hours SCS Staff therapist on call after 5 pm on weekdays or 24 hours per day on weekends

The SCS therapist on call can be reached by calling our answering service at 773-702-3625. The operator will ask for your name and phone number, the operator will page the therapist, and the therapist will call you in a short period of time.

The therapist on call will clarify the nature and specifics of the current emergency, will offer acute help as indicated, and will suggest or offer suggestions for more extended help, which may include scheduling an intake appointment or suggesting a local hospital emergency room or walk-in to the SCS the next weekday to meet with the staff therapist on call.

The after hours therapist on call does not schedule or re-schedule routine appointments for established patients and will not assist in renewing medication prescriptions. You are strongly encouraged to renew prescriptions in a timely manner during regular daytime business hours.