Groups are initiated by individual SCS staff members based on student interest and the staff member’s area of expertise.  Please view the list of current offerings below.  If you are interested in participating in one of our current groups or have a suggestion for a new group, please call the SCS front desk at (773) 702-9800 and express interest.

The Groups offered at SCS vary in number of weeks that they meet and the frequency with which a particular group is offered during the academic year.  Please see Current Group Offerings for more details about a specific group. 

All of the Groups have a selection process which usually requires a pre-group interview.  This selection process includes an assessment of your individual psychological readiness to participate in a group, the fit with the other group members, and your individual ability to positively contribute to the group process.  If you are not selected for a particular group, SCS will make every effort to find an appropriate group opportunity for you.

Fall Group Offerings

  • TBA