PGY 5 Fellowship

PGY 5 Fellowship in University Student Mental Health
at The University of Chicago

This post-residency training program teaches the knowledge and skills necessary to provide mental health care to a university student community. The program will train future student mental health psychiatrists, and includes mentorship by the faculty based at the Student Counseling and Resource Service at The University of Chicago, an active student mental health service staffed by six psychiatrists and over 20 non-physician psychotherapists serving a population of approximately 15,000 extraordinary students.

 Clinical skills for this fellowship include training in psychosocial treatments for students including short-term psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and group psychotherapies that are particularly important in this population, such as cognitive behavioral procrastination groups and eating disorder groups. It also includes intensive training in the unique aspects of psychopharmacology in this setting, such as addressing target symptoms without impairing cognition. Other aspects of training are diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, substance abuse, mood and anxiety disorders, and first break psychotic disorders.

 The fellowship includes training in administrative aspects of student mental health. This includes an understanding of the university's processing of applications for mental health disability accommodation, consultation for students going on and off medical leave for psychiatric reasons, providing liaison to the Department of Psychiatry for services provided to students, and training sessions for groups around campus who are likely to deal with troubled students.

 The fellow will receive supervision and training on being a consultant for behavioral health issues on campus. These consultations include inquiries by faculty, University staff, and peers about how to deal with troubled students. The fellow will have experience and education on how to be an effective mental health expert as a member of the team of Campus & Student Life professionals.

We will begin to review application materials for this twelve month position which begins July 1, 2014 on November 1, 2013. To apply please send a personal statement, curriculum vitae, and three letters of recommendation to:

Erin Burke, M.D
Director, Fellowship Training Program

Student Counseling Service
University of Chicago
5555 S. Woodlawn
Chicago, IL 60637
Phone:  773-702-9800/Fax:  773-702-2011